Become a jugaadu

Who can become a jugaadu?

The person needs to have a strong network of people, and he/she must be willing and capable of using his/her contacts, when it comes to dealing with customers. When the deal gets problematic, jugaadu must contact the people relevant to the problem, to make it easier to solve, basically, to crack the deal.

Why become a jugaadu?

As the saying goes, "when you're good at something, never do it for free". Good news is, you can actually earn when you get a better deal for the customer,
You can earn with every jugaad you crack for us

How much will you earn?

12.5% of savings.
For example, if the customer's quote is Rs.46000 and your quote is Rs. 42000, then you will get 12.5% of the difference(Rs. 4000), which is Rs. 500 as your fee for the job.